Analog Photography

Besides the digital, I also work with analog film photography. Actually, I shoot, develop, and print my own photographs, all on my own. My passion for analog film photography has made me move the kitchen into the open space of my house to create an extra room where I’ve built a darkroom!

Analog photography is a journey through time, a dance between light and film that captures the essence of what we see. It's a patient art, where each shot requires care and attention. With an analog camera, we are architects of emotions, capturing moments with a delicacy that only film can offer. Each frame is a secret revealed only after development, a surprise that connects us to the moment when the shutter button was pressed. In the digital age, analog photography is a return to simplicity and authenticity, an art that reminds us of the value of patience and reflection. It's the magic of creating images without the use of pixels, a tangible affirmation of our creativity and our connection to the past. Analog photography is poetry written with light and chemistry, a testament to the intrinsic beauty of the world around us.

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